Advancing the Diversity movement together

We believe that everyone is affected by diversity topics today and together with our partners we make it possible. To make sure you reach the right diversity topics and the potential of your applications becomes visible through practical examples, there is our partner program.

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How our partners benefit

By becoming part of our partner network you and your company gain exciting insights into diversity topics. Furthermore, you can share experiences and knowledge through the network.

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Our awesome features

Our USP's

Brand awareness

Use the reach of to draw attention to your application. In addition to a detailed partner profile on our platform, we regularly feature you on our channels and explain your application to the DACH market with practical examples.

Content & Target Groups Engagement

On our platform, our users will find tutorials for your applications - explained step-by-step in German. In addition to our database you will benefit from our extensive network.

Community Support

We take the burden off your first-level support by providing direct support to our community through our platform. Whether it's user questions or working out the best way for solving a problem, we support each other and can also give you direct insights into what is trending in the market.

Onboarding of teams and companies

You would like to explain more diversity to your community & how to use your platform properly, but can't find the time? We can do that for you. Whether it's remote onboarding, workshops to implement new services - we do the work for you.

Work with us

Here are a few ways to work with us!

1. Hire

Job Board

Share your job opportunities through our job board and newsletter.

Each job posting is shown on the job board for 30 days or till the application deadline, emailed directly to our subscribers and promoted on Twitter.

The price is $199 for one posting, or $149 per posting for multiple job postings. It is $99 per posting for non-profits.

We ask for transparency in your demographics, salary, interview process and Diversity and Inclusion efforts.

Talent Directory (free)

You can find some of our members who are looking for new roles in our talent directory.

This is a free resource at this time.

2. Share your resource

Share your events, scholarships, and communities with our community. We'll list it on our website and newsletter (if relevant to our community).

It is free to list on our website. Share your resource with us.

3. Sponsor

We can feature you through a sponsorship. We offer three options.

Please note that we don't share job postings through sponsorships. We have a different process for job openings as we require information like salary, demographics of the company, etc. Please post on our job board instead.

Silver (500€)

  • We'll feature it in the top section of the newsletter.
  • We'll feature you in one weekly digest. You will get a dedicated section.

Gold (1000€)

  • Listed as a sponsor on the home page for a month
  • Shout out on Twitter
  • We'll feature you in one weekly digest in the top section of the newsletter.

Platinum (1500€)

  • Listed as a sponsor on the home page for a month
  • Shout out on Twitter
  • We'll feature you in 3 weekly digests
  • We'll feature in the top section of the newsletter for each.

Interested in sponsoring us? Please inquire here.